Meet Our Speakers

Fred H. Bartlit Jr.

Fred is a West Point graduate, winner of the competition for skill in the operation of the eight U.S. Army Infantry Weapons, a U.S Army troop commander, a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger Detachment, and a U.S. Army Ranger. He was first in his class in law school and has the top academic record in the 120-year history of the University of Illinois College of Law. He is the subject of many books and publications including: “America’s Top Trial Lawyers – Who They Are & Why They Win,”; American Bar Journal “personally one of the most successful corporate litigators ever, with a long history of big wins” and “John Wayne in Pinstripe Suit”; National Law Journal “Winning Hall of Fame”. He has tried over 100 major cases in 24 states, the Virgin Islands and Scotland. Fred Bartlit is the only trial lawyer to be selected by two U.S. Presidents of different parties to represent them in their most important courtroom matters. He was selected by President Bush to represent him in the 2001 US Presidential election Tallahassee “hanging chad” trial. He was selected by President Obama to be the “President’s Chief Counsel” for President Obama’s National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and offshore Drilling. “Fred Bartlit is the best lawyer whom I have ever seen in any courtroom in any kind of case — period” -- Alex Dimietriev: General Counsel of General Electric

Other Speakers

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