Meet Our Speakers

Aaron Fein

Aaron Fein’s art is best viewed through the lens of Yin/Yang, a concept in which contrary forces exist as complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Within this oppositional flow, Fein’s works explore the formal, the conceptual, and the practical, taking shape as the artist interacts with everyday materials, symbols, and production methods. His newest textile works are subtle canvases built from toned threads and layered geometries that move between absence and presence, fluidity and rigidity, the terrestrial and the celestial. Webs of intersecting lines and constellations of radiating figures fuel his work, creating dynamic, cyclical compositions that resist resolution. Since 2013, Fein has been exploring the potential for digital embroidery to create unique abstract fields and spatial arrays. Fascinated by the medium’s inherent tension between high-tech and traditional craft, the artist implements new techniques in his work that draw on his training in both architecture and sculpture. Recent stitched paintings, including ones from the new series TORUS (a geometrical hoop-shaped form), disrupt our preconceptions as to what sewing is and can be. Fein’s works are elusive, existing in both two- and three-dimensions, all asking the viewer to move through space to fully discover their many tactile, emotive, and symbolic states.

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