Economic, Ethical & Constitutional Arguments in Favor of Criminal Justice Reform

Thursday February 2nd, 2017 - 1:30 PM
(CLE 1.0) Criminal justice reform represents an opportunity to build diverse coalitions, make significant progress to removing barriers to opportunity, helping keep our communities safer, providing second chances to worthy individuals, and enabling law enforcement to perform their difficult jobs more easily. We spend more than $250 billion per year on our entire criminal justice system, including over $80 billion a year on incarceration, which is three to four times more than we spend per capita on public primary and secondary education. The wealthy and connected experience dramatically better treatment than the poor, and guilt and innocence are often irrelevant. That is immoral, constitutionally dubious, and fiscally ruinous. This session will focus on concrete legislative opportunities at the federal and state levels to advance such reforms to ensure that our criminal justice system is “smart on crime” as well as constitutionally and fiscally sound.
Speakers: Mark V. Holden
Written Material(s): Economic Ethical and Constitutional Arguments in Favor of Criminal Justice Reform Cover.pdf

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