Revitalizing Evidence: Recent and Future Amendments to the Federal Rules

Thursday February 2nd, 2017 - 1:30 PM
(1.0 CLE) The Evidence Rules have been characterized as arcane and byzantine, as ancient dogma etched in stone.  In keeping with the theme of this conference, however, the Evidence Advisory Committee has been active of late considering amendments to modernize and revitalize the law of evidence.  In 2014, the longstanding hearsay exception governing prior consistent statements was amended to expand the substantive admissibility of witness statements.  Similarly, a pending proposal to amend the time-honored ancient documents exception to the hearsay rule has produced significant debate among academics, judges and the bar.  Still, more amendments are under consideration and could be on the horizon.  For example, the Advisory Committee has explored the possible expansion of the hearsay exception for prior inconsistent statements made by testifying witnesses, as well as an amendment to Federal Rule of Evidence 404(b) governing admissibility of crimes, wrongs and other acts.  This panel will explore the ramifications of these recent changes to federal evidence law, as well as those of the changes that may be on the horizon. 
Speakers: Hon. John W. Lungstrum, Hon. Robin Cauthron, Kenneth Broun, Liesa Richter, Stan Davis
Written Material(s): Revitalizing Evidence - Recent and Future Amendments to the Federal Rules.pdf

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