Police & Community: Section 1983 Litigation, Civilian Oversight & Implicit Bias

Thursday February 2nd, 2017 - 2:30 PM
(1.0 CLE) Because the police are granted extraordinary power, including the use of force and the authority to constrain personal liberty, effective accountability mechanisms are essential for ensuring that both what police do and how they do it are lawful and legitimate. This panel will address legal trends and issues in police accountability, including the effectiveness of laws and oversight systems meant to deter misconduct, to see that police services are delivered in a lawful and non-discriminatory manner, and to align police practices with community values and expectations. Topics covered will include §1983 litigation, criminal prosecutions, suppression of evidence, implicit bias training, and reforms in oversight intended to ensure that police actions are constitutional; in compliance with federal and state laws; and enhance the community’s trust and confidence in law enforcement.
Speakers: Hon. Anne Levinson, Hon. Julie A. Robinson, Hon. Nancy Gertner
Written Material(s): Police and Community - Section 1983 Litigation Civilian Oversight and Implicit Bias.pdf

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