Criminal Justice Reform

Friday February 3rd, 2017 - 11:10 AM
(1.0 CLE) The topic of criminal justice reform has increasingly been in the news recently. The discussions range from police conduct and the responses, the actions of private parties, prosecutorial conduct, and sentencing regimes. The widespread, and instantaneous, availability of social media have brought to the forefront issues that were often unknown to most people. Reform efforts spread across all parts of the spectrum, from initial encounters people have with police, the force used, the use of body cameras, and the decision whether to arrest someone; the decisions of prosecutors in bringing charges, what charges to bring, and the disclosure of evidence to the defense; to sentencing issues, as well as the conditions of confinement that follow. There are also numerous other issues, including the use of informants, the juvenile justice systems, and overcriminalization. All of these issues, each important in and of themselves, play a role in reforming the criminal justice system.
Speakers: A.J. Kramer, Jenny Kim, John Malcolm, Jonathan Rapping
Written Material(s): Criminal Justice Reform.pdf

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